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Orgie Orgasm Drops Vibe! 15ml


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It was about time to turn the very good into excellent.
We enhanced our best-selling female product – Orgasm Drops – by
adding active ingredients from the Amazon rainforest to its
groundbreaking effective formula turning it into a rollercoaster of
new sensations.

The new Orgasm Drops Vibe! brings the same effects of its original
product: sensitizes the clitoris, promotes an initial cooling
sensation followed by a pleasant warming sensation leading to a
whirlwind of pleasure now boosted by its new effect: the already
famous vibrating sensation delivered by Orgie product line Sexy

In addition to the arousing effects, the new Orgasm Drops Vibe!
has aroma and flavor of peach in syrup. A deliciously intense oral
sex foreplay for the receiver while the giver also has a share of this
Brazilian experience by the vibrating effect on his/her tongue and

Orgie exclusive formula developed to promote a combination
incredible sensations and intense climax.
Technical data
Individual packaging: 15ml glass dropper bottle

How to use
Apply two or three drops directly on the clitoris, massage and wait
a few minutes.
The sensations starts with a slight cooling, followed by a mild
warming, and the vibrating sensation is the next.
Adjust the dose according to your sensitivity by increasing or
decreasing the drops applied.


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